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Nutrition Course
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Balance your body through nutrition
Achieve stability in your body
Open your body for deeper healing

This is a deep dive into the foundations of nutrition. Nourished Roots Nutrition Course teaches on the human body, how it works, and ways to utilize nutrition to help feel your best. This 6 week, online course will cover systems of the body like your digestive, blood sugar, and endocrine systems and what part they play in your health. It will go over all things related to how to nourish your body well and the different root causes of chronic health issues so that you can begin to heal… down to your roots. 
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Why I created this course

We are a society with MANY chronic health problems, and with even more medications to try to fix these illnesses. The answer to healing is not a magic pill, but it is figuring out the root cause of what causes your symptoms and learning how to truly nourish your body to healing. Your body knows how to heal, but most of us don’t know the tools of how to get us there. This is where this course comes in.

There is a lacking in the field of education of the human body for the majority of us, as we grow up through our elementary through high school years. Even most medical school students are not required to take more than 3 credit hours of nutrition. Most have missed the connection between how the body works and how we nourish our body. Everything in the body was created to work together. Nothing within the body stands alone, it all works together.

My heart is to teach the foundations that I have learned along my own education and health journey. We all learn best from experience, and I have experienced all the things that we will talk about. I am sure you have walked through some of the same things that I have. I can’t wait to help educate you to be your own best health advocate.
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What does this course offer?

This online course will consist of weekly zoom calls for six weeks learning about nutrition education that includes: Foundations of Nutrition (Digestion, Blood Sugar Regulation, and Hydration), discussion on key “systems” within the body and how they work and correlate with how you feel, the Gut-Brain connection and the role it plays within the body, and lastly getting to the root cause of different health issues and how to begin healing.

It will also offer you community, accountability, and support along your journey. Weekly homework will help you apply what we learn each week in the zoom call. I will also be available to private messaging daily if you have questions about the content. There will be a private facebook group with others in the class to foster community within the group and you can also learn from those also going through it.
You will also have the ability, if you would like to, have me order and analyze lab work for you for 50% off my normal pricing. You will also receive recipe ideas and pinterest boards for inspiration for adding in healthy meals.
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Weekly Lesson Plans:

Week One: Basics of Nutrition and Our Stress Response - Learning more about how to body works

Week Two: Healthy Digestion and Where it can go wrong

Week Three: Regulating our blood sugar and energy throughout each day

Week Four: Drainage Pathways: The importance of opening them and how to do it

Week Five: The Gut-Brain Connection: Taking care of our microbiome effects more than just our belly

​​​​​​​Week Six: Where do I go from here? Embarking on a journey to find the root cause of my symptoms
“Nourished Roots course is for the person who has that feeling that there is something that might be missing when it comes to their health. Understanding the foundations of your body and nutrition might just be your missing piece.”
— Tally
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Nourished Roots Course

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