Real Food Baking Classes

Real Food Baking Classes


These classes are offered periodically and all about baking… and healthful baking! As always, we will focus on foods that fully nourishes your body and this time, each class will cover different baked goods. These classes are designed for older kids, learning all recipes made from “Real Food” ingredients and fresh ground grains. Class menus are below…

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"Real Food Baking" classes are designed for students in Jr. High and High school ages.  With a class comprised of only older kids, we can go over skills and recipes that require a little more skill. Class menus are below:

March 1st - 6-8pm - “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” - We will make a seven layer rainbow cake with each layer dyed naturally with the juice of different foods! We will also make a cream cheese filling to have between each layer. Along with the cake we will make a no-bake fruit tart!