Cooking Around the World - All Ages Camp

Cooking Around the World - All Ages Camp


This is a 4-Day camp for all ages, 6-18. (But best for a little older kiddos)

June 24th-27th 1:30pm - 4:00pm

During this week of camp, each day we will travel to a different part of the world with our cuisine. We will got to Mexico, Italy, Thailand, and India. I will teach how to make some of the popular, traditional dishes of each region using a healthier options for ingredients. This camp will be great for those who are not afraid to try new or different dishes than our traditional American diets.
The full menu is below:

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  • Mexico: Enchiladas, Churros, and Salsa

  • Italy: Calzones, Crepes, Pots de Créme

  • Greece: Fresh Lamb Greek Bowls, Hummus, Baklava

  • Thailand: Pad Thai, Mango and Sticky Rice, Thai Spring Rolls