Monthly courses are offered for children who are interested in learning about cooking, baking, and how to have healthy eating habits. Using all organic ingredients, I hope to continually inspire the children to make cooking creative, healthy, and fun. They will learn the skills they need to make meals from scratch, and also be encouraged to make good choices with food when they are young. Cooking can be very easy and fun and that’s what I want this class to be!

How it works…

  • Each course is a 1-day a week class that will last one month, with 4 classes per month (Some months may have only 3 classes).
  • Sign ups will be month to month (Meaning you can choose which months you want to participate, regardless of whether they are consecutive months or not).
  • Each month will have a different theme that the recipes and class will focus on (i.e. Baking, side dishes, etc.).
  • Each participant will get a personal cookbook that we put together with all our recipes in from each class, during each month.  This will be something that is theirs to keep and they can add to it as they would like to. 


  • Times the classes are offered:
    • Thursdays:  3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
    • Fridays: 9:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Ages 6 years old and up, girls and boys
  • There are EIGHT spots available per class.
  • We would love for kids to be able to sign up with friends or siblings.  However, there is only a certain amount of space in the kitchen for each class.  If you have a particular person your child would like to be with, please let me know at time of registration and we will do my best to accommodate.
  • Classes will meet at a home in Mesta Park Neighborhood.


  • $75 per month - Most months will have FOUR (4) classes; this price includes all ingredients and materials needed for each class.
    • Months that have only THREE (3) classes will be $65
  • $20 registration fee due at the time of signing up for your first month. **This is a one-time only fee*

Monthly Plans... 

  • January (4 classes) - Italian Food!
  • February (4 classes) - Snack Foods Gone Healthy!
  • March - No monthly classes because there are Spring Break Camps!  For more info check out the "Cooking Camps" page.
  • April (4 classes) - Mexican Food!
  • May (3 classes) - Summer Treats!

Scroll through the calendar to see details of recipes planned

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There is a one-time only registration fee of $20 per student. After your first month you will not have to pay the fee.
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