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fall 2017 kids cooking events

Starting January 2018 the monthly classes for kids will resume!  Each month will have a different theme for the recipes we learn and talk about.  Sign ups will be on a month to month basis.  You can sign up for just one month at a time or all four at once. All recipes will be designed with real food ingredients, unrefined sugars, fresh ground whole grains, and the most delicious things you will ever taste! 

April Monthly Kids Classes - "Bread Making"

April Monthly Kids Classes - "Bread Making"


"Bread Making!" - Baking bread with fresh ground wheat and spelt berries is unlike any other flour you can buy! Come find out the differences in the kinds of flour and the skills that go along with baking with this flour.

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Whole grain bread making is an art in itself! Cooking bread with fresh ground grains is different because none of the flour you can buy commercially is the same, it has some parts of the wheat or spelt berry taken out.  It is processed to prevent it going rancid on the grocery store shelves. I have loved growing in my knowledge of this kind of bread baking and I can't wait to share it with your child.  During this class we will explore some fun recipes that will surely become your new "go-to's" when you need some fresh baked bread in the house. (Don't we always need fresh baked bread in the house?!? :)) As with all the recipes we cook here at the Sharing Sustenance kitchen they will be made with fresh, organic ingredients and refined sugar free.  We will make some sourdough bread with starter, popovers, challah bread, dinner rolls - both regular and GF, and more. We will also learn some recipes for fun things to eat with your bread like butters and jams.  You won't want  your child to miss out of these great recipes and skills.