This semester I am offering a range of different classes to teach about cooking, baking, and how to have healthy eating habits. Some classes will be for kids only, some for adults only, and some will be designed for Adult + Child to come together to enjoy a fun experience together!  In all the classes you will learn some delicious recipes and  new cooking skills! Using all organic ingredients, I hope to continually inspire the clients to make cooking creative, healthy, and fun. You will learn the skills you need to make meals from scratch, and also be encouraged to make good choices with food to help put the best fuel we can into our bodies. Cooking can be very easy and fun and that’s what I want these classes to be! Scroll through each month to see what classes will be offered. There are many fun classes to attend!

*The "Kid Only" classes are for ages 5 years old and up, girls and boys

**The Parent+Child classes are for kids of ANY AGE.  The only requirement is they need to be old enough to help you in the kitchen. :) 

***Classes will meet at a home in East Edmond.

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