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February Adult Event - "Fondue Night!"

February Adult Event - "Fondue Night!"


Saturday February 10th - 7-9pm

A special night out to learn how to make fondue and enjoy it too! 

(This price includes dinner for two and a cast iron pan to take home!)

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One of my very favorite special things to make is fondue!! It is so delicious and just a fun experience all around. Come out to learn the tricks of making  your own fondue at home with a cast iron skillet! We will make both cheese and chocolate and then you will get to go home with your skillet.  You can also pick your choice of cheese that you are your partner will want to make. Goat gouda, traditional swiss, or Mexican Fiesta!  We will get to pair our fondue with some delicious wine as well. The chocolate fondue will be a dark chocolate fondue made from scratch and just to die for! Tickets for this event are sold in pairs so grab your hubby, boyfriend, BFF and come out of to celebrate Valentine's Day!