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October Adult + Child Event - "A 3 Course Meal"

October Adult + Child Event - "A 3 Course Meal"


"A 3 Course Meal” - Caprese Salad Dip, Chicken Parmesan, Zeppole (A traditional Italian dessert)

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During this is an Adult + Child Event, together we will learn how to make a delicious 3 course meal, something the kiddos will be so proud to recreate for you by themselves. :) On the menu is

  •     Caprese Salad Dip
  •     Chicken Parmesan
  •     Zeppole (Traditional Italian Dessert Pastry)

Each class comes with your own recipe book, filled with the recipes we make, an apron, and samples of the food we made in the class. You won't want your child to miss this event!