Love of Real Food

As I have grown in my knowledge of organic foods and cooking, I have gained an understanding of how the food we eat plays a huge role in our body and overall health. Fresh, organic meats and produce, whole grains, and natural sugars are the ingredients that we focus on.  Refined sugars are a huge hindrance to our immune system functioning properly, and can be easily replaced with natural sugars. The majority of our diets are overrun with refined sugars, especially in our children.  Cutting out these sugars will go a long way towards helping our health as a whole and helping fight the issue of obesity in children. A primary value of Sharing Sustenance is to teach and empower others to move towards nourishing their body with real and unprocessed foods that are free of additives and refined sugars.

Teaching Others

Eating healthy is so important!  I began to dream about teaching kids about this passion of mine. Spurred on from a background in elementary education, a vision formed of teaching children how to cook the way that I have grown to love…everything from scratch and using nothing artificial.  Significant time and energy poured in over time has allowed me to establish a cooking approach that takes into consideration all of the important areas of healthy eating. Unhealthy trends that so commonly occur can be changed through an emphasis on teaching children practical knowledge about healthy eating while they are young.  Children who learn healthy eating habits early on grow into adults who have the same. There is no other way to convince someone of how good 'real food' tastes except to cook it for them. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or taste bad.  Once you try it I believe you’ll find it actually tastes wonderful! So let's get started!


Want to see what kinds of things we make here in the Sharing Sustenance kitchen for yourself? You can become a part of our "REAL Good Eats Community" and receive a new, free, real-food recipe straight in your email inbox each week.  It might be, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, who knows! But I do know that it will be delicious AND healthy! Join us! #REALgoodeatscommunity

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